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Japanese Hair Straightening

Japanese Hair Straightening Treatment Miami FL

Q8 straightening is a unique Japanese technique of hair straightening that works on even the finest types of hair and takes 1/2 the time of other hair straightening systems on the market. When you have naturally curly hair you have to options, you can accept it "as is" or you can straighten it. Thermail reconditioning is a permanent of Miami Japanese hair straightening process that incorporates the use of flat irons with substances that change the molecular bods in hair to render it straight. The final result is sleek, silky, straight hair that is humidity resistant and will up to five to eight months or as long as it takes new growth to appear.

With this new hair straightening treatment, hair is not only straight, but actually healthier and softer boasting more shine and gloss. You can still curl and style, but most people are happy to wake up everyday with a blow-out straight do. Works great for both mean and women.

Call for a free consultation on our Miami Japanese hair straightening so our experts can assess whether you are a reasonable candidate for the Japanese Thermal Relaxer. During the consultation estimated cost and service duration will be discussed.

Please note: those who have has their hair colored, highlighted or else chemically treated need to wait at least ten days before performing this procedure.